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Welcome to Sumpap India.

At Sumpap India, we are engaged in several diverse processes, which form a part of our comprehensive portfolio. We have specialized in providing LWC paper and newsprint and are simultaneously engaged in import, trade, export, indent and convert all grades of paper and board. Having a large inventory of paper and board in regular and non-regular sizes helps us meet the customer’s emergent demands in the form of reels or sheets.

We have been providing superior quality coated and uncoated paper for printing purposes to printers, end-users and distributors. A composite range of services, which offer contemporary sheet cutting, slitting and rewinding, has further supplemented these. We have been consistently providing qualitative paper, which is financially viable and keeps environmental considerations within its purview. As part of our constant endeavour to expand the horizons of our enterprise we have commenced export operations of LWC and Newsprints to several Asian countries.

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Our products

Our products are designed for everyone.

Standard Newsprint

Standard Newsprint is used for Newspapers, Magazine, books, directories, annual reports, supplement, inserts/ flyers, free sheets, etc.

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Glazed Newsprint

Glazed Newsprint is used for Magazines, Catalogues, Newspaper Supplements, Advertising Material and Newspaper Inserts, etc.

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LWC Paper

LWC is used for Magazines, Newspaper inserts, Coupons, Catalogues, Promotion materials, Advertising material, Books, Brochures, etc.

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Wood Free Uncoated Paper

Wood Free Uncoated Paper is used for Books, Note books, Business forms, Direct mailing, Posters,Stationary, etc.

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Art Paper/Art Card

Art Paper/Art Card is used for Advertising Material, Annual Reports, Books (such as fiction, story and children’s books, etc.)

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SBS Board

SBS Board is used for Bookbinding, beverage carriers, Stationery, Manufacturing of Paperboard, etc.

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Coated one side paper

Coated one side paper (Chromo Paper) is used for promotion material, flexible packaging, food packaging, labels etc.

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High Bulk Paper

High Bulk Paper is used for Books such as fiction and children’s books, Youth literature, Pocket books, Paper backs, etc.

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Photocopier Paper

Photocopier paper is used for copying, printing and writing.

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