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Message from the desk of Managing Director

The key to run a business successfully is to set the priority right.

With a great pleasure and zeal I extend a warm welcome to you all at our website wherein you will find an overview of our product and services.

My experience says- If the leader demonstrates genuine concern for other's and has admirable character, people will follow.

It is my pleasure to share a few words with you. It has been a long journey for Sumpap India and it has so far been a pleasant one! I recall the time when we had just forayed in the industry. With the passage of time, we have witnessed a tremendous hike in our scale of operations. With every passing year we overcame all the stumbling blocks and achieved the renowned status which we are currently enjoying. Today Sumpap India is a household name in the paper industry and is a distinguished supplier to many Printers and Publication Houses. Sumpap India is a bulk buyer and supplier of different grades of paper and paper product all across the globe.

I strongly believe that my entire customer deserves the best out of Sumpap India, which includes the timely updates and actual product information. I am always concerned to provide the customers with the latest cost cutting measures, cost effective pricing and market fluctuations. I also see to it that urgent requirements are met off the shelf with ready stock of the best quality products. Indeed I must mention that Sumpap India is a symbol of Transparent Business.

I express my deep gratitude to the entire Sumpap team. The company crew has been extremely instrumental in taking Sumpap to new heights. I wish to thank every single associate of my business concern for his/her unflinching support and cooperation. I also wish to place on record my sincere thanks to all my customers who have shown full confidence and gave their continued support over each growing year.

It's the customers who add sparkles that we are shinier than ever.

I assure you my assistance only a click away.

At the end- I wish you all great success and prosperity.

Rahul Jain

about us

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