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Business Philosophy

At Sumpap India, we are unrelenting, unrivalled, committed and dedicated people.

Our entire organization has been anchored around three constantly guiding principles which are the pillars of our work.

We provide nothing but the best products and services.
We deliver efficiently and rapidly.
Our reward lies in the success of our client.

It is our unwavering dedication to these fundamental values of our organization that forms the infrastructure of our "Service Oriented" ethical core. It is this commitment, which is the sole motivation behind the unrelenting and focused effort which is implemented by our organization.

Integrity is the essence of our vision and we inculcate it into every single practice thereby ensuring that we act with utmost honesty and all our practices are in keeping with the business ethics and applicable rules and regulations of the industry.

about us
about us

Our Vision

To create a unique niche for our organization as the undisputed leader in the paper industry through the formation and implementation of global standards of quality based services. We wish to become the trusted and natural choice of every buyer and to establish long-term client relationships.

about us

Our Mission

  • To recognize and provide for the unrivalled right of the customer to obtain services, quality, cost effective and timely delivery.
  • To ensure all encompassing and comprehensive client satisfaction.
  • To safeguard the continuation of legal, social, professional and personal ethical practices that lay within the framework of the company.
  • To promote through the creation of adequate opportunities, the growth of every individual of the organization.
  • To attain global standards in service quality and to provide unmatched efficiency.
  • To fully utilize the decades of our experience together with the extensive knowledge and expertise of the team members and the rich experience they have acquired through dedicated and committed effort.
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Our Fundamental Values

Customer's satisfaction

We provide effective and cost consuming solutions to our customers.


To maintain a strict adherence to principles and provide unambiguous dealing.


Maintaining the highest standards of professionalism.


To transform our organization and adapt it to remain attuned to the times and ahead of it.


We are constantly innovating to create a safe and hazard free environment for our workforce.

Respect for Individuals

We are continually developing a productive environment where people are respected, trusted and valued.

Respect for knowledge

To acquire and apply leading edge expertise in all aspects of our business.

Team work

Individually we are strong, but together we are invincible.


To nurture and facilitate an environment where imaginative and constructive ideas are born.

Corporate citizenship

We are trusted to act ethically and responsible with our resources, environment and community and business relationship.

about us

Commercial success for us comes second to our obligation towards the community at large, our employees and towards the environment. It is in consonance and with awareness of this social responsibility that we take every care to ensure that our dealings foster the development of long term gratifying relationships. It is our aim to become the foremost choice for all organizations and individuals who seek to purchase superior and quality based newsprint within India.

We value all our clients and every enquiry is given immediate attention by our representatives. A dedicated and motivated team of sales customer services individuals constantly provide all the necessary aid and information to the clients.

We are constantly driving towards the achievement of the highest success for our customer and will provide every client with the most superior quality paper and services. This impeccable level of services will be achieved through the instrumentality of an intelligent, innovative and ethically sensitive team of professional.

about us