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Environmental Policy

We have the utmost regard for the environment and are continually engaged in the promotion and development of eco-friendly practices, which are supported by sustainable business ethics.

“Sustainable Development implies such development which meets the present needs without adversely impacting the ability of the future generations to fulfill their requirements.”

We have a firm belief that the environment should be a beneficiary in the development and progress of civilization and we seek to mould attitudes to ensure the formation of sustainable practices. Reuse-reduce-recycle is our policy through which we seek to accomplish our commitment.

about us

Our most significant contribution towards environment safety has been the freedom of our processes from water, air and noise pollution. The contemporary water harvesting technique is utilized for the preservation of water. We convert the damaged, rejected and joblot material to reusable form with the help of our expert team and conversion facility of top quality. Secondly, waste from our conversion unit goes for recycling in paper mills. The utilization of this process has allowed the conversion of 400 MT of paper on a monthly basis and this ads up to the protection of 9600 trees in a single month since nearly 24 trees (fact stated in http://wiki.amsweres.com ) are used for the creation of 1 MT paper.

We believe in the strict observance of ethics and core business values of honesty and integrity. Our committed workforce has been engaged in the achievement of a vision:

Sustaining a better company and a better world for generations to come.

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